Mind Map

Session 11 &12

Presentation how to rebalance Singapore’s aging population so that there are enough workers to support the elderly population,

What we do for Presentation:

Powerpoint + Role player:

Role Play Script


 Introduction of the 3Is

scene 1



Scene 1:

Person A(Singaporean) comes in. Complains of increased health care cost of parents.

person B(Foreigner) walks past Nabil speaking loudly on his phone. *IN CHINESE WITH SLANG*

scene 2


Scene 2:

Person A overhears and grumbles

Person B confronts Nabil in Chinese (lol)

Person C comes in and introduces himself as the Govt.

Start Presentation.

scene 3.PNG

Scene 3:

With 3Is slide on, Nicholas explains the initiative.

Person A and PersonB looks at the slide and acknowledge(nod head) lol

scene 4

Scene 4:

The solution of our plans, and explain why come out with these ideas

scene 5

Scene 5:

Next slide, Forum appear. Person A and Person B take out phone. Act like texting. Convo animation goes off in slide. Explain further to the class on the forum.

scene 6

Scene 6:

Next slide, Person A and Person B talk along the way to the CC for the get-together event. Explain further on get together events.

scene 7

Scene 7:

Next slide, talk about the increase of scope of racial harmony day


scene 8

Scene 8:

Last slide, conclusion. Talk about the right mindset and perspective to lead to a happy Singapore with a balanced population.


scene 9

End of our presentation

Session 9 & 10

In the previous lesson, our group’s idea was a headphone. It combines2 different industry: Electrical + Neuroscience industry. Our headphone is different from other headphones because it has some unique features that other headphones do not have. Such as improving the focus of the human brain, activities monitor, and activities, relaxation.

This time round the lecturer asked us to come up with a story/advertisement to market our product. So we think of a creative idea that catches audience eyes.

The story is:  Professor X owns a monkey called Martin, he love it very much, he thought monkeys are the very intelligent animal .one fine day, professor X was trying to solve a very difficult equation, scratching his head, he work day and night, however, he is unable to solve it. At the point the professor is exhausted, so he went to sleep. Martin notices that his owner is sad, he gets sad as well. During midnight, Martin sneaks out to get a banana as usual. Martin looks at the equation and notices the fanciful mindset ( professor usually put it on for relaxation). He was attracted by the yellow light on the mindset, he thought it was a form of banana . Martin almost tries to bite it, suddenly he heard music from it and he places it in his ears. He raises his head up and saw the equations on the blackboard. Mindset starts reading its brainwaves and plays intense/ focus music.Suddenly, martin gets logic thinking as he looks at the blackboard. Martin goes up to the blackboard and solves the equation.

Professor X wakes up in the morning and notices the completed equation, he was shocked, and look around to find Martin was sleeping soundly with Mindset on. From then onwards, Professor X wears the Mindset to solve difficult equations while relaxing. That is the story and our product title is “GET IN MIND ,GET MINDSET”.creative $ innovation

We can create social change by helping those who needs help . Nowadays, there are quite a lot of charity organization, however, people are afraid to donate because there are a lot of negative news on these organizations, such as taking the money for their own usage and they only contribute a small amount to those who needed help. Most importantly we need to change the perspective of the organizations. And also change the views of the people towards the organization.

Example: Charity organization organized a group to travel to the places to help out. Plane tickets are paid by yourself, charity organization only have to gather volenteers, without spending or taking money from them. Through this, volunteers able to experience the living in this countries, notice how hard these local people had to go through in life. Eventually, they will share their view to other, soon more volunteer will be joining as well. Not only that, these organization also will benefit from such activities, enable people to trust them.



Session 7&8 ( Business Innovation& serious play)

The first session of the class, the lecture show us a video of a sports gadget, that can track athletes health during the game. The purpose of the gadget is to check whether the athlete can continue the game, after taking an impact/ injury. How the gadget invented, is partly due to business innovation, combining sport and technology together.

After watching the video, lecture asked us to think of a different idea, by combining 2 different industry together. Through our group discussion, we decided that a mindset headphone is a good idea.The Product/Business is Neuro-audio Headphone.The combination of the electrical industry and Neuroscience industry. The purpose of the headphone is to improve the focus of the human brain, monitor and track brain activity and also for relaxation.

What are the benefits of the mindset headphone:

  • Analyze the brain activity and “knows” the stress level of the individual.
  • Adapt the playlist to suit the current situation
  • Stores user’s performances and the on- stop solution for your mind

Features of the mindset headphone:

  • Adjustable and customizable
  • Cloud access(no need to worry about the storage)
  • LED lights adjust to the individual mood and brain activity
  • Bluetooth and wireless
  • Chargeable

Target Audiences:

  • Working adults
  • Patients(high blood)
  • Students
  • Elderly
  • Anyone!

Serious Play

Children ‘s second nature is play. They like to play around with things, curious about everything. What about adults? Do they play too? In our hectic, modern lives, many of us focus so heavily on work and family commitments that we never seem to have time for pure fun. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we’ve stopped playing. When we carve out some leisure time, we’re more likely to zone out in front of the TV or computer than engage in fun, rejuvenating play like we did as children. But just because we’re adults, that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves so seriously and make life all about work. We all need to play. I love to play computer games and basketball. It makes me feel relax and happy. I enjoy every moment of it. All work no play makes jack a dull boy, adults does play too, play can add joy to life, relieve stress, supercharge learning, and connect you to others and the world around you. Play can also make work more productive and pleasurable.

Not only that, play can help us to be more creative and innovative. However, we cannot overdo it, when we are too use to the comfort zone, we start to get lazy. So we have to balance “play” and work .

session 5 & 6( TRIZ 40 principles + Mining interfaces)

TRIZ 40 principles:

TRIZ includes a practical methodology, a knowledge base, and model-based technology for generating innovative solutions for problem-solving.

The research has produced three primary findings:

  1. problems and solutions are repeated across industries and sciences
  2. patterns of technical evolution are also repeated across industries and sciences
  3. the innovations used scientific effects outside the field in which they were developed


What I learned in class:

During the group discussion, we were told to create or innovate certain attributes of the products, combining into one product with different kinds of attributes.As a group .each of us provides with different products. One of the products I suggest was an electronic projector, black board.Combine the ideas of a kindle and projector.How did this idea come to me?i notice that most of the time the lecture couldn’t find the marker or the marker run out of ink, it is a waste of time and resources. why not replace the white board with” kindle like a white board”?but why kindle not iPad like devices?Because battery life of the kindle can last for months once charge, not like iPad or laptop.Combining the idea of projector , we do not need to waste time to find the USB cable (what happen is that, what if the cable is damaged?) , and set up projector settings, all u have to do is , switch on the wifi or Bluetooth , it will automatically connect to the laptop and then it will project it out.Combining these 2 ideas definitely will reduce time and resources wastage.

What I use in the TRIZ 40 principles:

Principle 1. Segmentation

Principle 5. Merging

Principle 6. Universality

Principle 25. Self-service

Principle 26. Copying

Principle 20. Continuity of useful action

Principle 15. Dynamics

These few guidelines, help me in problem-solving on to creative or design a product, also letting my group mates have a deep understanding of my product.


It is very important to be curious about the world and learn from many differents area of expertise. We can, therefore, create new ideas and innovate new things by using the skills set that we learned. By learning from the different expertise we are able to think and look at things in different perspectives, this helps us generate new ideas.

Example, when art meets engineering, we are able to create a unique art piece which is the form of a machine. We are looking an art in few more perspective with the help of mechanical engineering rather than art alone. These helps us to create/think more ideas with the help different expertise.





Six Thinking Hats is a system designed by Edward de Bono which describes a tool for group discussion and individual thinking involving six colored hats.Different color of the hat representing different functions.” class,  six thinking hat” helps the group to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way, by doing so to think together more effectively.class the teacher told us to create a green project/campaign for Murdoch  University through group discussion.So  6 student in a group representing the 6 thinking hat, however, the color of the hat for some student is the same.I name 6 students ,A,B,C,D,E,F(me).Once we got the idea, everyone is throwing their point of views, each us name few possible project/campaign that can carry out.

Student A-pickup rubbish around the camps

Student B-More recycle bins

Student C-Junk for Prize campaign

Student D-Personal water bottles

Student E-No smoke day

Student F-Replace Aircon with fans for around 1hr

After a deep discussion with the group, student D suggest that we should select no smoke day as a campaign to carry out. However, was rejected by student C. Student C said it will not work as he is a smoker himself plus lots of people in schools are smokers too, they will definitely felt uncomfortable about this idea. What about replaced aircon with fans for around 1 hr.Few of us thought that it was a good idea, only Student B  dislike the idea, based on what he had researched and calculated,  it is very expensive to replaced every aircon in the class with fan and also quite a lot of manpower to do this in a short time frame. After sometime, Student A and studentF(me) went to do some researched on available ideas, we come out with student C ‘s idea. Student D did not like the idea, so we state the facts on how this campaign can benefit us until Student A had no reason not to accept it.

After we accept the idea, we need to make this idea more attractive for the student to participate.Student A asks each student to name 1 junk to bring to school.

Student A-Bringing your textbook and notes

Student B-Clothes

Student C-Recycle

Student D-Receive a star every 1kg

Student E-WaterBottles

Student F-The more the stars, the bigger the merchandise(Murdoch T-shirt)


We conclude the benefits that can bring to school and students:

-Satisfactory feeling to those who participate

-Earning Stars

-Put your unwanted things into good use

-Increase the reputation of Murdoch University

Throwback: Hard to encourage Student.

From this group discussion, i understand that each color of the hat is a very unique and important role. When comes to some situations more than 1 student have the same color of the hat, it is either good or bad for the team depending on the color of the hat.

Pro: come out with many ideas

con: Team conflict

In conclusion, thinking hat will help:

Avoid the easy but mediocre decisions by knowing how to dig deeper

Increase productivity and even more important — be more effective

Make creative solutions the norm

Maximize and organize each person’s thoughts and ideas

Get to the right solution quickly and with a shared vision





Session 1 and 2 (Creativity and Innovation)



This was something we don’t have to pay the lecturer for when we are young, creativity and innovative comes naturally when we are young.As we grew older, all these become obsolete.we learned theories and system restrictions.Now we have to learn back what we lost.

Games that we play during lesson1 .consist of touching our head, elbow, hands, step our feet, sit down stand up. Instructions were sitting down means standing up, standing up is sitting down, all the actions were opposite meaning of one another.

Starting it was easy to follow, gradually when more actions were added, it gets more and more challenging, it confuses me and that’s when I get frustrated, whenever I can’t follow with the speed of instruction given by the lecturer. Eventually, I mess it up. This is an icebreaker game to ease ourselves, in the end of the game, everyone had smiles on their face.

The second part of the lesson was, the lecturer asks students to draw a picture of what we thought is creative and explain it in a group. We share our ideas with one another, question each another on why we draw this picture. What I gained from this lesson that, each of us has our own perspectives of how we look at things, we can collect all these little ideas from one another, to complete a bigger part of ideas. In a group, we also discuss that what creativity and innovation are.

Creativity is ideas generated by us, there are no right or wrong answers for it. New ideas to improve to create something new. Creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual

Innovation is the execution of creative ideas, deep planning is required. Innovation is the implementation of something new

Found this video , explaining what is creativity and innovation

More information :

Usefulness of Creativity and Innovation

A creative and innovation company will do the best over the long haul. It keeps the company running by producing creative ideas, these companies do not copy what others do. Some organizations take the ideas from other company to innovate a better service and product for themselves. If they see another company copying what they do, they tend to create something new or improve on what they have.

Doing a business online is the same, there are a lot of competitor in the market, they are selling what you are selling. what makes you stand out from the rest is innovation ideas to attract the buyer, such as use a different kind of marketing strategies to market your products,  as well as how interesting your product is. Always question yourself, why people will buy products from u rather than the other seller? why are people are so successful in selling their products?Questioning yourself from the point of buyer , you will eventually find out what you should need to do to make your business better