Session 1 and 2 (Creativity and Innovation)



This was something we don’t have to pay the lecturer for when we are young, creativity and innovative comes naturally when we are young.As we grew older, all these become obsolete.we learned theories and system restrictions.Now we have to learn back what we lost.

Games that we play during lesson1 .consist of touching our head, elbow, hands, step our feet, sit down stand up. Instructions were sitting down means standing up, standing up is sitting down, all the actions were opposite meaning of one another.

Starting it was easy to follow, gradually when more actions were added, it gets more and more challenging, it confuses me and that’s when I get frustrated, whenever I can’t follow with the speed of instruction given by the lecturer. Eventually, I mess it up. This is an icebreaker game to ease ourselves, in the end of the game, everyone had smiles on their face.

The second part of the lesson was, the lecturer asks students to draw a picture of what we thought is creative and explain it in a group. We share our ideas with one another, question each another on why we draw this picture. What I gained from this lesson that, each of us has our own perspectives of how we look at things, we can collect all these little ideas from one another, to complete a bigger part of ideas. In a group, we also discuss that what creativity and innovation are.

Creativity is ideas generated by us, there are no right or wrong answers for it. New ideas to improve to create something new. Creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual

Innovation is the execution of creative ideas, deep planning is required. Innovation is the implementation of something new

Found this video , explaining what is creativity and innovation

More information :


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