Usefulness of Creativity and Innovation

A creative and innovation company will do the best over the long haul. It keeps the company running by producing creative ideas, these companies do not copy what others do. Some organizations take the ideas from other company to innovate a better service and product for themselves. If they see another company copying what they do, they tend to create something new or improve on what they have.

Doing a business online is the same, there are a lot of competitor in the market, they are selling what you are selling. what makes you stand out from the rest is innovation ideas to attract the buyer, such as use a different kind of marketing strategies to market your products,  as well as how interesting your product is. Always question yourself, why people will buy products from u rather than the other seller? why are people are so successful in selling their products?Questioning yourself from the point of buyer , you will eventually find out what you should need to do to make your business better


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