session 5 & 6( TRIZ 40 principles + Mining interfaces)

TRIZ 40 principles:

TRIZ includes a practical methodology, a knowledge base, and model-based technology for generating innovative solutions for problem-solving.

The research has produced three primary findings:

  1. problems and solutions are repeated across industries and sciences
  2. patterns of technical evolution are also repeated across industries and sciences
  3. the innovations used scientific effects outside the field in which they were developed


What I learned in class:

During the group discussion, we were told to create or innovate certain attributes of the products, combining into one product with different kinds of attributes.As a group .each of us provides with different products. One of the products I suggest was an electronic projector, black board.Combine the ideas of a kindle and projector.How did this idea come to me?i notice that most of the time the lecture couldn’t find the marker or the marker run out of ink, it is a waste of time and resources. why not replace the white board with” kindle like a white board”?but why kindle not iPad like devices?Because battery life of the kindle can last for months once charge, not like iPad or laptop.Combining the idea of projector , we do not need to waste time to find the USB cable (what happen is that, what if the cable is damaged?) , and set up projector settings, all u have to do is , switch on the wifi or Bluetooth , it will automatically connect to the laptop and then it will project it out.Combining these 2 ideas definitely will reduce time and resources wastage.

What I use in the TRIZ 40 principles:

Principle 1. Segmentation

Principle 5. Merging

Principle 6. Universality

Principle 25. Self-service

Principle 26. Copying

Principle 20. Continuity of useful action

Principle 15. Dynamics

These few guidelines, help me in problem-solving on to creative or design a product, also letting my group mates have a deep understanding of my product.


It is very important to be curious about the world and learn from many differents area of expertise. We can, therefore, create new ideas and innovate new things by using the skills set that we learned. By learning from the different expertise we are able to think and look at things in different perspectives, this helps us generate new ideas.

Example, when art meets engineering, we are able to create a unique art piece which is the form of a machine. We are looking an art in few more perspective with the help of mechanical engineering rather than art alone. These helps us to create/think more ideas with the help different expertise.




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