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Session 11 &12

Presentation how to rebalance Singapore’s aging population so that there are enough workers to support the elderly population,

What we do for Presentation:

Powerpoint + Role player:

Role Play Script


 Introduction of the 3Is

scene 1



Scene 1:

Person A(Singaporean) comes in. Complains of increased health care cost of parents.

person B(Foreigner) walks past Nabil speaking loudly on his phone. *IN CHINESE WITH SLANG*

scene 2


Scene 2:

Person A overhears and grumbles

Person B confronts Nabil in Chinese (lol)

Person C comes in and introduces himself as the Govt.

Start Presentation.

scene 3.PNG

Scene 3:

With 3Is slide on, Nicholas explains the initiative.

Person A and PersonB looks at the slide and acknowledge(nod head) lol

scene 4

Scene 4:

The solution of our plans, and explain why come out with these ideas

scene 5

Scene 5:

Next slide, Forum appear. Person A and Person B take out phone. Act like texting. Convo animation goes off in slide. Explain further to the class on the forum.

scene 6

Scene 6:

Next slide, Person A and Person B talk along the way to the CC for the get-together event. Explain further on get together events.

scene 7

Scene 7:

Next slide, talk about the increase of scope of racial harmony day


scene 8

Scene 8:

Last slide, conclusion. Talk about the right mindset and perspective to lead to a happy Singapore with a balanced population.


scene 9

End of our presentation

Session 9 & 10

In the previous lesson, our group’s idea was a headphone. It combines2 different industry: Electrical + Neuroscience industry. Our headphone is different from other headphones because it has some unique features that other headphones do not have. Such as improving the focus of the human brain, activities monitor, and activities, relaxation.

This time round the lecturer asked us to come up with a story/advertisement to market our product. So we think of a creative idea that catches audience eyes.

The story is:  Professor X owns a monkey called Martin, he love it very much, he thought monkeys are the very intelligent animal .one fine day, professor X was trying to solve a very difficult equation, scratching his head, he work day and night, however, he is unable to solve it. At the point the professor is exhausted, so he went to sleep. Martin notices that his owner is sad, he gets sad as well. During midnight, Martin sneaks out to get a banana as usual. Martin looks at the equation and notices the fanciful mindset ( professor usually put it on for relaxation). He was attracted by the yellow light on the mindset, he thought it was a form of banana . Martin almost tries to bite it, suddenly he heard music from it and he places it in his ears. He raises his head up and saw the equations on the blackboard. Mindset starts reading its brainwaves and plays intense/ focus music.Suddenly, martin gets logic thinking as he looks at the blackboard. Martin goes up to the blackboard and solves the equation.

Professor X wakes up in the morning and notices the completed equation, he was shocked, and look around to find Martin was sleeping soundly with Mindset on. From then onwards, Professor X wears the Mindset to solve difficult equations while relaxing. That is the story and our product title is “GET IN MIND ,GET MINDSET”.creative $ innovation

We can create social change by helping those who needs help . Nowadays, there are quite a lot of charity organization, however, people are afraid to donate because there are a lot of negative news on these organizations, such as taking the money for their own usage and they only contribute a small amount to those who needed help. Most importantly we need to change the perspective of the organizations. And also change the views of the people towards the organization.

Example: Charity organization organized a group to travel to the places to help out. Plane tickets are paid by yourself, charity organization only have to gather volenteers, without spending or taking money from them. Through this, volunteers able to experience the living in this countries, notice how hard these local people had to go through in life. Eventually, they will share their view to other, soon more volunteer will be joining as well. Not only that, these organization also will benefit from such activities, enable people to trust them.