Session 11 &12

Presentation how to rebalance Singapore’s aging population so that there are enough workers to support the elderly population,

What we do for Presentation:

Powerpoint + Role player:

Role Play Script


 Introduction of the 3Is

scene 1



Scene 1:

Person A(Singaporean) comes in. Complains of increased health care cost of parents.

person B(Foreigner) walks past Nabil speaking loudly on his phone. *IN CHINESE WITH SLANG*

scene 2


Scene 2:

Person A overhears and grumbles

Person B confronts Nabil in Chinese (lol)

Person C comes in and introduces himself as the Govt.

Start Presentation.

scene 3.PNG

Scene 3:

With 3Is slide on, Nicholas explains the initiative.

Person A and PersonB looks at the slide and acknowledge(nod head) lol

scene 4

Scene 4:

The solution of our plans, and explain why come out with these ideas

scene 5

Scene 5:

Next slide, Forum appear. Person A and Person B take out phone. Act like texting. Convo animation goes off in slide. Explain further to the class on the forum.

scene 6

Scene 6:

Next slide, Person A and Person B talk along the way to the CC for the get-together event. Explain further on get together events.

scene 7

Scene 7:

Next slide, talk about the increase of scope of racial harmony day


scene 8

Scene 8:

Last slide, conclusion. Talk about the right mindset and perspective to lead to a happy Singapore with a balanced population.


scene 9

End of our presentation


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